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Review: be quiet! SFX L Power 500W

Introduction be quiet! SFX L Power 500W is small powersupply, but not quite SFX size. It is a bit larger to fit in a 120 mm fan which is a big improvement over the usual 80 mm fans that SFX powersupplies are known for.   Quick key facts 80PLUS Gold...


Review: Cherry B.Unlimited 3.0

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Introduction B.Unlimited 3.0 is a set of keyboard and mouse that are wireless with AES encryption. The target audience is professionals who demand a robust keyboard with high quality NiMH batteries. In this review we will be looking at the Nordic model.   Quick key facts Durable abrasion-proof laser inscription...


Review: Fractal Design Define Nano S (Window version)

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Introduction Fractal Design Define Nano S is a tower case in mini format, in the silence oriented “Define” series. Its a Mini-ITX case, and even its small size it has support for water cooling in both the front and in the top. Lets take a look at this case, and see...


Review: Noctua NF-A15 PWM

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  • Noctua_NF_A15_PWM_2_fans_load_lna

Introduction NF-A15 PWM, the successor of the NF-P14 fan, is an 140 mm enthusiast fan for high end coolers and also for cases with its 120 mm mounting compability. Noctua’s aim with NF-A15 PWM is to be a premium choice for those with the highest demands. Lets see how it...


Review: Lenovo ideapad 500S-13ISK 4405U

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Introduction Lenovo ideapad 500S-13ISK 4405U is very similar to its brother 500S-13ISK 6200U that we reviewed recently and gave our silver award to. It is basicly the same laptop with a bit less costly features resulting in a lower price. Is this laptop still good? Lets find out. Quick key facts...


Review: Noctua NH-L9x65

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Introduction NH-L9x65 is another low profile cooler from Noctua, and this one has some more height to it. It also comes with the same compact 95x95mm dimensions to offer full compatibility with memory and graphicscards on mini-ITX motherboards. The fan is the same as on NH-L9i. Lets take a look at the...


Review: AMD Athlon 5350

  • amd-athlon-5350_apu_box
  • amd-athlon-5350_apu_die
  • amd-athlon-5350_asus-am1i-a_bios_cpu-q-fan-control_161025112824

Introduction AMD aims to offer a quad core an affordable processor for the mainstream market. Lets take a look at it, and see what we think.   Quick key facts APU (Processor and graphics processor) Yes CPU Cores 4 CPU Clock Speed 2.05 GHz TDP 25W Socket AM1   Technical specifications GPU Clock...


Review: be quiet! Silent Wings 2 120mm 1500RPM

  • be-quiet_silent_wings_2_120mm_packaging_white
  • be-quiet_silent_wings_2_120mm_front_white
  • be-quiet_silent_wings_2_120mm_sideways_white
  • be-quiet_silent_wings_2_voltage
  • be_quiet_silent_wings_2_120mm_1500rpm_accessoires_white
  • be_quiet_silent_wings_2_120mm_1500rpm_antivibration_black
  • be_quiet_silent_wings_2_120mm_1500rpm_fanblades_black
  • be_quiet_silent_wings_2_120mm_1500rpm_fdbbearing_black
  • be_quiet_silent_wings_2_120mm_1500rpm_mounting_white

Introduction be quiet! aims to offer a high end silent fan in the 120 mm size at 1500 RPM speed. Lets take a look at it and see what we think of this fan.   Quick key facts Dimensions 120 mm PWM (Automatic self adjusting speed) No Fan speed @...


Review: be quiet! Silent Wings 2 140mm 1000RPM

  • be_quiet_silent_wings_2_140mm_1000rpm_packaging_white
  • be_quiet_silent_wings_2_140mm_1000rpm_accessoires_white
  • be_quiet_silent_wings_2_140mm_1000rpm_front_white
  • be_quiet_silent_wings_2_140mm_1000rpm_sideways_white
  • be_quiet_silent_wings_2_140mm_1000rpm_bl063_vol
  • be_quiet_silent_wings_2_140mm_1000rpm_antivibration_black
  • be_quiet_silent_wings_2_140mm_1000rpm_fanblades_black
  • be_quiet_silent_wings_2_140mm_1000rpm_fdbbearing_black
  • be_quiet_silent_wings_2_140mm_1000rpm_mounting_white
  • be_quiet_silent_wings_2_140mm_1000rpm_mountingparts_black

Introduction be quiet! aims to offer a high end silent fan in the 140 mm size at 1000 RPM speed. Lets take a look at it and see what we think of this fan.   Quick key facts Dimensions 140 mm PWM (Automatic self adjusting speed) No Fan speed @...


Review: Noctua NH-L9i

  • noctua_nh_l9_i_4
  • noctua_nh_l9_i_2
  • noctua_nf_a9x14_pwm_2
  • noctua_nf_a9x14_pwm_3
  • noctua_nh_l9_i_3

Introduction Noctua aims to offer a super-low profile cooler with full compatibility with tall RAM modules and VGA cards on mini-ITX mainboards. Lets see how it performs and what we think of it.   Quick key facts Recommended TDP 65 W Max TDP 77-95 W Fan 1x Noctua NF-A9x14 PWM (92 mm) Max Acoustical Noise...