Soon available: Gigabyte Black Edition GeForce GTX 750 Ti

Gigabyte will soon release another grapics card with their quiet cooler WindForce. The “Black Edition” is their mark for higher durability. GIGABYTE Black Edition motherboards undergo an extra 168 hours (7 days) of stress testing before shipment to ensure premium quality for our customers. During the 168 hour test, each motherboard needs to...


New 9-series unlocked CPUs: i7-4790K and i5-4690K

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The K-processors are the unlocked ones that are very easy to overclock with push of a button. The newest unlocked CPUs are i7-4790K and i5-4690K. i7-4790K has the base clock at 4.0 GHz, boost at 4.4 GHz, with 4 cores and 8 threads, while i5-4690K has base clock at 3.5 GHz, boost clock at 3.9 GHz...


Intel release refresh chipsets and CPUs

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The new chipsets are 9-series: H97, Z97 and so forth. The new refresh processors will work on the 8-series motherboards. As you can see in the picture below DDR3 memory is still being used and socket is still 1150.      


Noctua got two new product lines

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The new product lines have new colors: The light grey one is more affordable than stardard noctua brown, and the black one is for industrial customers. Check out their new fans here, and for a quick comparison check out their product line page.   Prices and availability All redux and industrialPPC models are currently...