be quiet! aims to offer a high end silent fan in the 140 mm size at 1000 RPM speed. Lets take a look at it and see what we think of this fan.


Quick key facts

Dimensions 140 mm
PWM (Automatic self adjusting speed) No
Fan speed @ 12V 1000 RPM
Noise level @ 12V 15.8 dB(A)
Bearing type Fluid dynamic bearing (FDB)


Technical specifications

Number of fan blades 9
Dimensions (L x W x D) 140 x 140 x 25 mm
Motor technology 4-pole fan motor
Weight incl. fixed cables 0.30 kg
Mounting Screw fixing Yes
Mounting Push pin fixing Yes
Connector 3 pin
Cable length 450 mm
Cable sleeve Yes
Air flow @ 12V 60.4 cfm / 102.6 m3/h
Air pressure @ 12V 0.81 mm H2O
Lifespan 300.000 h / 25°C
Rated voltage DC 12 V
Operating voltage DC 4 ~ 14 V
Accessories Speed adapter 5v / 7v / 12v (Molex)
Push pins
Rubber & hard plastic mountings
Warranty 3 Years



The mounting is not the regular situation. You can choose between anti-vibration bolts or regular screws for mounting. If you choose anti-vibration, you can can even more choices. There you can decide if you wish to have a tiny little space between the fan and the case, or have it direct to the case with no space between. be quiet! recommends to choose a little space between to get the best silence and isolation. The included speed/voltage adapter for 5 and 7 and 12 volts gives you the option to manually set the speed the fan will run at, at all times. This fan does not have a 4-pin PWM (Automatic self adjusting speed), but be quiet! does sell PWM-versions also.


Bearing type

be quiet! explains Fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) that it “essentially makes the fan float on a cushion of fluid, resulting in extremely low noise levels because there is virtually no friction to create sound. By eliminating direct contact between the fan shaft and the bearing, the fan lasts much longer than those with common bearings. A copper core inside the bearing makes it even more durable by improving heat transfer out of the bearing. Heavy duty lubricants also contribute to the terrific overall lifetime of 300,000 hours—over 34 years (according to the more reliable L10 standard, not the usual MTBF value)”.


Performance & Noise

With 140 mm you get a bit more air moved and lower noise. The 12 volt setting, the default speed when using the fan, can be considered quiet for most people. However if you are silent enthusiast you will will most likely want to run the fan in 5 volt or 7 volt, where you can barely hear it. The fan blades are optimized for airflow, low noise and low fan turbulence. If you are looking for a fan with more static pressure, then be quiet! has “High Speed” versions available. Vibrations are reduced with modular vibration damping mounts and rubberized frame.



This is a great quality fan with low noise. If you are a silence enthusiast you can use this fan with the included volt adapter, lowering down the speed with 5v or 7v, and be very pleased. If you wish to have a PWM-fan (Automatic self adjusting speed), then another 140mm fan is also available with PWM from be quiet! The fan blade design is not ideal for water cooling radiators, but is ideal for air flow.



Silent at 5 to 7 volt
No electrical noise, No ticking sounds
High build quality
Included speed adapter 5v / 7v / 12v
Exchangeable mounting
Antivibration features & rubberized frame
Premium packaging
3 years warranty


Up to you

Not ideal for static pressure on water cooling radiators
No PWM (Automatic self adjusting speed)



Not ideal for silence enthusiasts at 12 volt / 1000 RPM
Fan mounting can be an issue on radiators